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Therapy Animals


Meet Lola & Ferdinand! (English Bulldogs) Lola and Ferdinand are both registered Canine Good Citizens through the AKC. If for any reason you are uncomfortable, allergic to, or have any issues with dogs or animals, please let Dr. Bauchman know, and we can arrange for the animal to not be present the day of your appointment. Please note: Dr. Bauchman DOES NOT write Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letters.


Dogs Love 2 Train


Why pets make the best medicine

What Is a Service Animal?

The ADA also has a strict definition for service animals. They are defined as “dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people living with disabilities”. These tasks may include things like alerting people who are deaf, guiding people who are visually impaired, calming a person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder during an anxiety attack, reminding someone to take prescription medications, or protecting a person who is experiencing a seizure.

Service dogs are working animals – not pets. They must be trained to perform a task that is directly related to the handler’s disability. The ADA does not recognize dogs who solely provide emotional support or comfort as service animals.

Where Service Dogs Are Allowed

Businesses, nonprofit organizations, and state and local governments are typically required to allow service dogs under ADA service dog laws to accompany people with disabilities in any areas that are open to the public. They must be allowed in establishments that prepare or serve food regardless of local or state health codes prohibiting animals on the premises. ADA service dog laws will always overrule local laws.

Business owners and staff are only allowed to ask two questions regarding service dogs. They may ask if the dog is a service animal that is required due to a disability and what type of work or task the dog has been trained to do. The ADA prohibits them from asking about a person’s disability. They are also not allowed to require any type of identification or certification documents for the dog or medical documentation from the handler. They also may not ask that the dog demonstrate what it has been trained to do.

People with disabilities and their services are not to be isolated from other customers or patrons. They also may not be treated less favorably or be required to pay additional fees for their animals. Businesses that charge additional fees or deposits for pets – such as hotels – must waive these fees for service animals.” 


Animales de servicio


Estoy en el proceso de obtener un perro de terapia certificado. Si por alguna razón usted es incómodo, alérgica, o tiene cualquier problema con los perros o animales, por favor hágamelo saber y podemos organizar para que el animal no esté presente el día de su cita.

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