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Provider Services


Dr. Bauchman believes in a multidisciplinary approach to the care of his clients. He works closely with other mental health and healthcare providers in the community to coordinate care for all clients. 


Primary Care Providers: PCPs have many patients come to them with mental health concerns, but unfortunately don't have enough time to spend with each patient. If you need someone to refer your patients to for psychotherapy, or if you have questions regarding psychopharmacology, Dr. Bauchman would be glad to assist you. 


Psychiatrist/Psych NPs: Do your patients need more in-depth psychotherapy? Dr. Bauchman would be happy to consult with your patients and work with you with medication management to provide optimal patient care. 


Surgeons: Are you a surgeon that requires or recommends their patients get a psychological consult and clearance prior to surgery? Many surgical patients may benefit from preoperative and/or postoperative therapy to assist them in coping with the changes to their body and lifestyle in the periopertive process.


Neurological: Please visit Palm Beach Neuroscience Institute for comprehensive neuropsychological testing.


Dr. Bauchman believes in a holistic/naturalistic approach to treatment. Please speak to your primary health care provider to inquire about vitamins and supplements as an option.

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